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Munin-async 2.0.17 on Ubuntu 12.04


October 26, 2013


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Munin authors have moved on in their development and if you are going to be installing munin-async on any system, I strongly recommend that you use the latest version (2.0.17 at the time of writing), which fixes a number of problems I described in a previous article on Installing munin-async.

The only problem I had with installing the latest munin on Ubuntu LTS was that I couldn’t find the packages in any Ubuntu repository (the problem may be fixed by the time you read this).

Here are the steps I used:

sudo aptitude remove munin-node
 sudo aptitude install liblist-moreutils-perl libnet-server-perl
 sudo dpkg --install init-system-helpers_1.11_all.deb munin-*2.0.17*.deb

create access to munin-async

 su - munin-async
 cd /var/lib/munin-async
 mkdir .ssh
 cd .ssh
 cat > authorized_keys
 ssh-rsa (etc, etc, etc)... 

change the address line in the munin configuration file =/etc/munin/munin-conf.d/hostlist.conf from

 address nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn


address ssh://munin-async@nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn /usr/share/munin/munin-async --spooldir /var/lib/munin-async/ --spoolfetch

There is no longer any need to fuss around with logging in from your main munin server in order to have the key registered: munin now take care of that itself.

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