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Ripe64 Lighting talks

Lightning talks from RIPE64 plenary

Todd Underwood from Google:

OPenflow @ Google

two large backbone networks, one with openflow

separate control plane from forwarding plane

global descisions about traffic engineering in a much faster way

Google’s openflow backbone has been running for a year and a half.

Solution is wan fabric

internet protocols are box centric not fabric centric

openflow is ready for global use

DDOS defence agains low speed attacks

Nginx testcookie_module

  • nginx/ipset prevailed
  • no stateful firewalls
  • dedicated IP per critical published device
  • blackhole communities present and tested

IPv6 in .RU domains

Last year, most of the IPv6 accessible domains in RUssia were hosted by Google.

After IPv6 deployment day, situation changed, but still very ppor uptake.


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