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RIPE statistics BOF


(A BOF [Birds of a feather] is an informal discussion group)

RIPE stats website

RIPEstat status, status – stat. A toolbox for internet measurements, and it has a RESTful data API, and a javascript widget API. You can embed a widget on a webpage of your choice (or even on T-shirts).

Database widgets are used to visualize the RIPE database.

  • Address space hierarcy
  • People
  • aut-num or inetnum objects
  • Route objects
  • reverse DNS (only for the RIPE database)
  • routing consistency
  • allocation history
  • announced prefixes
  • AS Path length
  • geolocation – currently better for IPv4 than IPv6
  • global visibility
  • prefix count over time
  • prefix size distribution
  • routing history
  • BGP looking glass
  • blacklists
  • related prefixes


Widget API

Embeddable on location in any HTML website

Javascript and HTML5, data fetched via JSON(P). A widget is a javascript object, so you can manipulate it. The widgets use the RESTful API.

Limits on using the widgets/APIs are account based, not IP based.

A great thing when you have a NOC that has to monitor what is happening to their network, particularly the looking glass components.

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