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Quagga and bird BOF

(BOF at Ripe64)


What are they doing at

It is a non-profit org, part of ISC. People wanted to use Quagga, but they had too many issues. They have a wiki at Quagga has lots of bugs, performance issues, missing features. There are too many different branches like Mainline, Euro-IX, Vyata, Google, etc. Development and testing is too spread out. OSR wants to fix that.

They provide: testing, merging, fixing and implementing new features.

Currently Quagga doesn’t have a good testing suite. They do compliance and resiliance checks for OSPF, ISIS, and BGP.

Classic ISIS is not in usable shape at all, but Google is working on it. About half of the branch is now merged.

Merging: the main thing right now is merging the IS-IS and Google BGP multiparth with OSPF unnumbered IF into OSR Quaga, and then merging all that with mainline.

New features: more focused as an engine for a real router (open source LSR).


Started in 1999 as alternative to Quagga/Zebra, meant to be fast/efficient. Fully renewed as part of CZ.NIC labs as of Q4 2008.

  • Portable: linux, freebsd, netbsd, openbsd
  • protocol PIPE, multiple routing tables
  • powerful configuration and filtering language
  • smart automatic reconfiguration
  • RIP, RIPv2, RIPng, OSPFv2, OSPFv3
  • BGP (v4 and v6), route reflector, route server
  • ASN32 (ASPLAIN=, MD5, BGP MRT dump
  • BGP ROA support )RPKI=
  • IPV6 route advertisement


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